Webfleet Onboarding

Step-by-step instructions to connect your vehicles to RIO.


Prerequisites for activation:

  • You need retrofitted Webfleet telematics.
  • You must have the rights of an administrator in the RIO account. This is the only way to access the fleet administration.


The Fleet Administration

Log in to your RIO account and navigate to Fleet Administration via the main menu.



Start the onboarding

Once you have arrived in the Fleet Administration, you only have to click on Add. You are ready to go.



The type of vehicle

There are four different vehicle types you can activate for your RIO account. In this case, we are only interested in the truck. Therefore, click on the corresponding truck image.



The manufacturer

You can activate vehicles from numerous manufacturers. Select your brand.



The telematics provider

Each truck can be equipped with very different telematics hardware. Please select Webfleet here.



Data privacy policy

Read the privacy policy for the connection carefully and confirm it.



Your Webfleet login details

Confirm connection to the Webfleet system by clicking Create Connection.



Your vehicles

Add as many of your vehicles as you like by entering the VIN.

Important: For security reasons, the exact mileage of each vehicle is required.



The Geo L service

In order to be able to see the position data on the RIO map, you still need to book the appropriate service. In this case it is Geo L, which you need for every truck. In addition to the familiar Geo features, the costs also include all costs that arise from the connection of your external account.



Booking in the Marketplace

In our Marketplace checkout, the selection has already been made and the appropriate service has also been selected. All you have to do is click on continue.



Payment method

If you have already booked services on the RIO platform, then you know this step. Simply select the desired payment method and proceed to the last step.



The confirmation

Check everything again for correctness and then confirm the booking. Now* you can see your trucks in the fleet monitor and start working on just one map.

*Here several systems work hand in hand and exchange large amounts of data. Therefore, in some cases it may take a little while until you find your vehicle on the map for the first time. After one hour at the latest, everything should fit.


We wish you the best of success with the connection of your Webfleet account!

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