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Questions and answers regarding the platform

On the RIO platform , you can view the shared data for your entire fleet and manage drivers/vehicles. Applications such as operational analysis and the Fleet Monitor are available to use straight away.

What do I need in order to use the platform?

You don’t need a lot to use the RIO platform:

  • A company with a valid VAT ID,
  • at least one vehicle (including RIO Box, Mixed Fleet Hub or LOSTnFOUND connection) and
  • an email address.

You can register here right now.

Does the system use special software?

RIO is a Cloud-based platform. This means that a web browser is all you need. You don’t have to download any additional software. You can do everything online.

To use the Compliant service, you will need a computer with the operating system Microsoft Windows 10 and you will need to have a card reader connected.

Which browsers are supported by RIO?

The RIO platform supports up-to-date web browsers such as:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge

How do I register on the RIO platform?

With only a few clicks and around two minutes of your time, you can enter the world of RIO. We take you through the registration process step by step in our video.

How do I add new vehicles?

You can add new vehicles on the RIO platform by switching to fleet management in the “Administration” section of the main menu. Click on “Add” and create a new vehicle by entering the vehicle type, name and VIN.
New vehicles may have already been created automatically when you purchased the vehicle.

Is there a mobile app as well?

Pocket Fleet (for fleet managers)
At RIO, we know that fleet managers are not always at their desk. For that reason, we have developed the free Pocket Fleet telematics app, which allows you to manage your fleet on the go. With Pocket Fleet, you can keep constant track of all your vehicles and drivers, together with the most important status information (depending on the booking).

4Drivers (for drivers)
It is also possible to use many location-based features from RIO without our RIO Box. All you need for this is an Android smartphone and our 4Drivers app. Turn your smartphone into a virtual RIO box by simply downloading this from the Android Play Store.

Can I also manage my drivers?

Yes, you can manage your drivers as well: You can create new drivers and remove existing drivers at any time. What’s more, you can assign your drivers specific rights and roles, and group your drivers. (Available from April 2021)

Can I group my drivers?

Yes, you can group your drivers with only a few clicks.
You can find step-by-step instructions here.

How do I edit my user profile?

Once you have logged onto the RIO platform, you can click on the black person icon in the top-right corner to access your user profile and the settings. There, you can edit your first and last name under “Personal details” and your language under “Language” . You will not be able to change the email address that you used during registration by yourself; to do so, please contact the RIO Customer Care Hotline.

Want to manage more details on your user profile? Please tell us what you feel is missing by taking part in our user profile survey.

How do I change the language?

By clicking on “My Profile & Settings” in the top-right corner of your user profile, you can change the language under “Language”. Then click on “Save changes”. You can check if the change was successful by looking at the platform.

How will my data be protected?

The data collected by RIO belongs to you: You decide which data you would like to share with RIO. We guarantee that data is transmitted securely and protected against misuse by third parties. RIO of course complies with all European data protection regulations when handling customer data.

Can the RIO platform be used in my country?

The platform can be used in the following countries in 23 languages: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Belarus, Cyprus, Luxembourg and Ireland.


Questions and answers regarding Marketplace

On RIO Marketplace , you can find an overview of our services and partner link-ups – with all of the relevant information, features and conditions. You can book services and get started straight away with only a few clicks.

Where can I book services, and how?

On Rio Marketplace, you book services from RIO, MAN DigitalServices and other partners whenever you like. You can read up on the scope of the services and the costs before you book: The prices are charged flexibly per day and vehicle – without a minimum term of contract and with no hidden costs. You can book and cancel the services on a daily basis.

How do I pay for the services I book?

Services can be paid for by credit card and SEPA direct debit.

What is the Customer Centre?

The Customer Centre provides you with an overview of the services booked, your documents and your activities on Marketplace. Under payment type, you can view your current payment type and change it if you like .
Not every user has access to the Customer Centre. The rights assigned to a user by the administrator determine whether a user can gain access to the Customer Centre.

Do I receive an invoice on a daily basis?

You will receive an invoice from RIO once a month. The invoice shows each booked service with the monthly consolidated costs. If you have booked services from MAN DigitalServices or partners, you will also receive an invoice in their name showing the corresponding services booked.

How do I cancel a service I have ordered?

All our services can be cancelled on a daily basis in the Customer Centre on the RIO platform. You will also find an overview of the services you have booked there.

Do I need to remember to terminate contracts if I sell a vehicle?

No, you don’t. All you need to do is remove the sold vehicle from your virtual fleet on the RIO platform. RIO will then automatically cancel the services.

Is there the option of transferring an existing contract to a new vehicle?

Unfortunately, that is not possible, as the data is linked to the VIN. However, you can always cancel the service for the old vehicle and then add the service for the new vehicle.


Questions and answers regarding the RIO Box

The RIO Box is our telematics hardware and therefore acts as the interface between your vehicle and the RIO platform. The RIO Box is installed in all MAN trucks as standard. The RIO box can be retrofitted quickly and easily to vehicles from any manufacturer. You can find out more about the RIO Box here.

How do I get the RIO Box?

Since August 2017, the RIO Box has been installed as standard in all MAN Truck & Bus SE trucks released.
Older MAN trucks and those from other brands can be retrofitted through the MAN workshop network at a country-specific fixed rate. Getting started.

Is RIO compatible with vehicles from all manufacturers?

All new MAN trucks are factory-fitted with RIO as standard. We offer an optional retrofit solution for all other trucks and makes, provided they have an FMS interface.

The RIO Box is fitted as standard in MAN Euro 6 trucks. But are lower emissions standards covered too?

Yes, the RIO Box can also be fitted in vehicles conforming to the Euro 3 to Euro 5 emissions standards. However, you should discuss the technical requirements for this with MAN truck sales staff.

How are updates installed on the RIO Box? Will they need to go to a service workshop?

One of the core functions is “over the air” updating. Updates are downloaded to the RIO Box and installed without customers or service workshops having to do anything at all. This ensures that customers benefit from the latest software versions at all times.

Are there additional mobile phone costs?

No, there are no additional mobile phone costs or roaming costs for you as the customer.

What does the LED display on the RIO Box indicate?

It indicates the current status of the box:

  • Green – The RIO Box is ready; a wireless connection to the platform is active.
  • Green-yellow – The RIO Box is ready; the RIO Box is being updated.
  • Yellow – The RIO Box is ready; no connection to the platform.
  • Red – Error. Please contact us.

What will happen if a RIO Box malfunctions?

The RIO Box is sold as a MAN spare part, and as such is subject to the established warranty and goodwill arrangements.

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