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Basic equipment

Everything you need for basic process optimisation in the transportation and logistics industries.


The RIO Box enables you to manage your entire fleet efficiently, regardless of the vehicle brands that your fleet consists of. Relevant vehicle data is transmitted automatically using the telematics hardware.


Essentials is the complimentary basic package for your telematics system. Our telematics software provides you with comprehensive analysis of data pertaining to your trucks. Driver activities and the vehicle location are transmitted on a regular basis and stored on the RIO platform for 10 days.

You receive this free basic package automatically with your registration

Mixed Fleet Bridge

Thanks to the Mixed Fleet Bridge, you can collate and view all of the vehicle data pertaining to your mixed fleet on a single platform - without the need for hardware upgrades.

Vehicle tracking

As a dispatcher looking to manage your fleet successfully, you always need to have current and past vehicle positioning data available.


Geo stores your data from the past 25 months using the detailed journey history function. Optimise your truck route planning: the point of interest and geofence functionality is used to generate the ideal routes for your orders.

Geo Data Flow

You can use Geo Data Flow to easily integrate vehicle data such as location or mileage – which are collected by RIO – into a system of your choice.

Geo Data Flow is Geo’s API/interface product

One Minute Locator

Track the exact vehicle location at all times. One Minute Locator increases the sampling frequency of GPS tracking. With minute-by-minute accuracy of sampled GPS data you can optimise your scheduling and provide your customers with useful information at all times.

RIO and its partners

Want to integrate the mileage and route planning data collected by RIO into other systems as efficiently as possible?

Get more from your data and take advantage of our partner network!

Economically efficient driving

You can use our extensive analytics to compare your drivers’ driving styles and our driver training to enhance safety and improve your bottom line.


Perform provides you with meaningful vehicle analyses and creates comparable driver evaluations for your fleet. In this way, you can identify inefficient driving styles and purposefully increase your driver’s performance.

RIO and its partners

Want to reduce your fleet’s emissions or wear and maintenance costs?

Get more from your data and take advantage of our partner network!

Digital fleet management for your MAN fleet

Optimise the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your MAN vehicles with MAN’s digital services.

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Route and order planning

Optimise your transportation and logistics processes with our wide range of route and order management services.


Receive and track transport orders with WebTMS. In doing so, you are assisting with the planning of production processes by providing valuable transparency information.

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RIO and its partners

Want to simplify the process of rescheduling and coordinating changes to the tour plan?

Get more from your data and take advantage of our partner network!

Our partners

Together with our partners, we want to do more for you. Together, we can ensure even greater efficiency and sustainability for your haulage business.

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Tachograph and time management

Your legal compliance is a matter close to our hearts – we can provide the overview you need of your tachograph and driver card data.


Tachograph and driver card data made available anytime and anywhere? No problem – Compliant* downloads the data via remote access and stores it automatically.

Not available for the MAN Lion's City E


With Timed, you can keep track of all your drivers’ activities such as driving and resting times in real time. Thanks to the tabular breakdown of driving times per day, week and fortnight, it is possible to avoid costly driving time violations.

Timed Data Flow

Would you like to integrate your drivers’ activities and driving/rest times into a system of your choice? No problem – this is now possible with Timed Data Flow.

Timed Data Flow is Timed’s API/interface product

RIO and its partners

Want to create expense reports or violation analyses at the touch of a button?

Get more from your data and take advantage of our partner network!

Maintenance & Repair Management

Performing regular maintenance on your fleet is essential for its safety on the road. When you use our services, you will always be able to check up on your vehicles’ maintenance status.

MAN ServiceCare S

MAN ServiceCare S provides you and your MAN service workshop with a continuous overview of your vehicle fleet’s maintenance status. Coordinating upcoming maintenance and workshop appointments with your MAN service partner via the app is an easy task for you.

MAN ServiceCare M

Digital maintenance management for your fleet: You always have an overview of the current status and condition of individual components. When maintenance is due, you can decide whether you want to take care of it yourself or whether you want to hand the task over to your MAN service outlet.

Also for mixed fleets