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Cartright is connected automatically to your RIO fleet and its intuitive driver app supports digitalisation of transportation and storage processes.

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RIO is more than just a telematics system

RIO lets you do more than a conventional system permits. We offer a logistics platform compatible with all manufacturers, along with a wide range of solutions that can be ordered one by one.

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Geo stores your data from the past 25 months using the detailed journey history function. Optimise your truck route planning: the point of interest and geofence functionality is used to generate the ideal routes for your orders.


With Timed, you can keep track of all your drivers’ activities such as driving and resting times in real time. Thanks to the tabular breakdown of driving times per day, week and fortnight, it is possible to avoid costly driving time violations.


Perform provides you with meaningful vehicle analyses and creates comparable driver evaluations for your fleet. In this way, you can identify inefficient driving styles and purposefully increase your driver’s performance.


RIO is for fleet managers

Low margins and fierce competition make it hard to run a successful transport business. This is where RIO comes in: providing you with the right means to manage your business efficiently, no matter its size.

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RIO is for forwarding agents

Spending huge amounts on logistics software doesn’t make economical sense in the tough freight haulage business. Nevertheless, you still need a digital solution to overcome present-day challenges: high customer requirements, driver shortages and red tape, for example.

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RIO is for vehicle rental firms

RIO’s digital solutions benefit both you and those you rent to. Your renters receive extensive telematics information, which they can order depending on their requirements. And you can look at data during the rental period and use it for your analysis.

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RIO is for development partners

Together, we can do more for our customers. RIO is creating a “who’s who” of logistics software providers on the platform. Begin your journey as a RIO partner today, and offer your solutions to an ever-expanding customer base.

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RIO is for consignors

Are you a goods consignor? Do you want to optimise your logistics processes so that your company is ready to face the challenges that the future is set to bring? If so, RIO is what you’ve been waiting for.

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