RIO says hi.

Welcome to RIO, the first digital, transparent, manufacturer-independent and cloud-based platform that will bring a new face and a new order to global freight transport. Ready for a big step?

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RIO? What’s going on there, actually?

RIO not only brings the transport and logistics ecosystem a big step forward, we also redefine customer relationships. That’s happening right now. And more and more with every day that passes. You want to know what and, above all, not miss out on any developments? Then get to know RIO.  

Get to know RIO

What makes a RIO partner?

A RIO partner thinks, like us, that two ambitious undertakings fit under one roof: firstly, to make the global transport and logistics ecosystem more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly; secondly, cost reduction, higher turnover and profit for all of us. Interested in our partner philosophy? 

The RIO partner philosophy