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MAN OnlineTraffic

With our real-time data on the current traffic situation, the route can be planned efficiently and adjusted quickly if necessary.

MAN MapUpdate

With our up-to-date commercial vehicle-specific map material, the route can be planned efficiently and easily.

MAN TimeInfo

Our driving time display clearly shows tachograph information on driving and shift times in the combined instrument display.

MAN TimeControl

Our driving time monitor compares data from the tachograph with the legal requirements and actively notifies the driver of currently relevant driving and rest times, remaining time quotas and upcoming breaks.

MAN TimeControl already includes MAN TimeInfo.

MAN TipMatic Efficiency

With our program for economical driving in normal operation, a fuel-saving gearshift strategy is automatically used.

MAN TipMatic Efficiency Plus

Our program for particularly economical driving enables a highly fuel-efficient gearshift strategy in normal operation and deactivates manual upshifting, downshifting and the kickdown function.

MAN TipMatic Performance

Our dynamic driving and acceleration program increases engine power and reduces speed loss on inclines.

MAN TipMatic Manoeuvre

Our driving program for easy manoeuvring enables precisely controlled use of power, for example when approaching loading ramps, semitrailers or trailers.

MAN TipMatic Tanker

Our driving program for liquid transports enables stable driving with high load centres.

MAN TipMatic Offroad

Our driving program for optimum off-road use ensures maximum traction on steep climbs and increases downhill engine braking.

MAN LanguagePackage

With our infotainment system language package, the display views for the combined instrument and media system can be shown in additional languages.

MAN LanguageRecognition

With our language recognition system, the language set on the driver card is automatically shown in the vehicle displays.

Free activation for customers with vehicle sales code “0P4FG Automatic language recognition via driver card”

MAN EfficientRoute

With our extensive maps and real-time data on the current traffic situation plus parking and fuel price information, the route can be planned efficiently and adjusted quickly if necessary.

MAN OnlineNews

News and weather updates always keep the driver informed.