Telematics boxes

Efficient fleet management made easy

The telematics boxes act as an interface between your vehicles and the RIO platform. They transmit relevant vehicle data, which is made available to the fleet manager in the form of digital services. This enables digital, efficient fleet management and the best possible vehicle deployment for the entire fleet.

By registering your vehicles on the RIO platform, you can use our digital services easily and flexibly: via the RIO platform, you activate free services for your vehicles, for example MAN ServiceCare S. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of bookable services and subscribe to them as required.

Live data via mobile internet

With the telematics boxes, you receive up-to-date vehicle data for efficient fleet management in real time.

Extensive telematics services

You can book a wide range of digital services flexibly via the marketplace – even some services free of charge.

Standard in all MAN vehicles

With the telematics boxes, you benefit from RIO platform digital services in all MAN vehicles.


What are telematics boxes?

The telematics boxes for trucks, buses and vans are powerful vehicle control units. Once installed, you no longer have to worry about additional hardware.

The telematics boxes constantly maintain the connection between the vehicle and the RIO platform. Thus, data is collected either by your vehicle’s CAN bus or FMS interface and transmitted to the platform. Fuel consumption, maintenance information or the current position, for example, are sent to the RIO platform via mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G).

As with any component of a commercial vehicle, maintenance is an important issue. However, the software of your telematics box is automatically updated over-the-air – so you can stay relaxed.

Telematics Box for Trucks & Buses
MAN Telematics Box
Telematics box for vans
Vehicle uptimeTrucks and buses of all makesMAN Vans

As a standard

*MAN TGM, MAN TGL and MAN TGS chassis excepted
**MAN Bus chassis excepted
***MAN eTGE and vehicles without radio or not prepared for a radio excepted

Since 01/01/2018 as a standard*
in all Euro 6c MAN trucks

Since 01/10/2019 as a standard**
in all MAN buses

From model year 2021 as a standard***
in all MAN TGE

Data transmission technologyMobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G)Mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G)
MAN Driver App

Breakdown? Always an unwelcome break. So, whenever quick support is needed, the MAN DriverApp is there to help. For example with the emergency breakdown call. Or with a damage report. It networks driver, fleet manager and workshop and shows the way to the nearest MAN dealership. But our MAN DriverApp supports MAN drivers not only in an emergency. Moreover, it offers – in line with the vehicle and its current use – a wide range of additional functions to ease the driver’s daily routine.

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