Already using the Smart Logistics System from TIMOCOM GmbH? If so, you can expand this service to include data from our services. All you need is to set up an account with TIMOCOM GmbH and order the Geo service.

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Service from an external partner


Make your life easier by bringing together the things that go together. Provide your client with reliable statements, from just one system.


The basis for every decision is information. Offer your clients more information and help them to act quickly and correctly.


The more in-depth the basis for your data is, the more reliably you can make statements. This does not just increase trust in you, but also improves your own planning.


Transport orders with your current position

With RIO, the position of your truck on the map will be updated every 15 minutes*. With the TIMOCOM Connect interface, you can attach the current vehicle position to your transport orders on the TIMOCOM platform. This makes more information available to you. Furthermore, you can inform your clients about the location of a load at any time. Even conclusions about the expected arrival are then easily possible.

*) For an update of the vehicle’s position every minute, you must book the One Minute Locator product in the RIO marketplace.

You should check the following in advance

You must be registered on both platforms. You need a RIO account with active vehicles and an account on TIMOCOM.

To ensure that the vehicle position can be transferred to TIMOCOM, you will need the RIO service Geo. This service must be booked before we can install the interface.

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