Geo data in your primary system

You often have various systems that transmit and map all kinds of data. This not only causes confusion – it also consumes a lot of valuable time. RIO offers you the ideal solution with the Geo Data Flow service.

Would you like to get hold of our Geo data but prefer to integrate it into your own user interface? With our Geo Data Flow service, you can integrate data collected by RIO – such as your vehicle’s location or mileage – into a system of your choice. Doing so will display all of the data you require on one single platform. In other words, you only pay for what you ultimately really need and use.

Geo Data Flow is Geo’s API/interface product
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Reduction of systems

Collected data can now be integrated into systems of your choice.

Integration as desired

You decide which data to map in your system – and how.

A good-value alternative

With the cheaper version of the familiar Geo service, you only pay for what you actually use.


Integrate Geo data into your primary system

Our Geo and Geo Data Flow services share similarities. Geo Data Flow enables our partner links to be used to generate only matching data, which are then forwarded to your primary system via interfaces and mapped. The following data are passed on in the course of this:

  • Location data
  • Mileage
  • Speed
  • Tank fill level

Overview of services

The Geo Data Flow service exclusively provides the data for your primary system and only saves it on the RIO platform for a short time. Additional features included in our Geo service are not made available.

Geo Data FlowGeo
Storage of data7 days25 months
Link to third-party system with subscription to this service
Key vehicle and driver information in real time
Such as speed or the tank fill level
Use of the RIO user interface
Real-time display of truck location on a map or in a table view Every (transmission frequency hardware-dependent)
Map information
Address search, traffic conditions and congestion, roads with restricted access, current traffic situation
Past events in travel history
Change of driver, start and end of journey, border crossings, etc.
Overview table showing all past locations and events
Including data export (XLS, CSV)
Truck route planning
Support for standard truck sizes, support for custom dimensions, consideration of congestion, toll cost calculation
User- and system-based points of interest (POIs) on map
Including import of user POIs
Circles and polygons
Location approval
Sharing vehicles’ location data with customers

How does it work?

A standardised application programming interface (API) is used to link the RIO data to the system of your choice. There are three different options that enable you to integrate this interface:

  1. You can integrate the interface yourself. More information
  2. You can request links to partner systems already connected in the Marketplace.
  3. If a certain partner link you require is still missing, please contact our partner management personnel.

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