MAN EfficientRoute

Current map and traffic data plus parking and fuel price information

MAN EfficientRoute ensures that your MAN van is always on the fastest route.

Road infrastructure is subject to constant change – road segments, intersections and speed limits change regularly. With MAN EfficientRoute you always have the latest maps at your disposal. Depending on current vehicle position and selected route, the relevant map data is automatically updated.

In addition, MAN EfficientRoute feeds real-time traffic data into the vehicle navigation and displays current information on traffic jams or disruptions and informs you when the traffic jam has cleared. Thus, the route can be dynamically adapted to the current traffic situation.

MAN EfficientRoute also provides information on free parking spaces at rest areas and in car parks, as well as fuel prices at local petrol stations.

Reduces costly delays due to traffic obstructions

Increases vehicle uptime and adherence to schedules

Simplifies and optimises route and break planning


Easy installation and payment

  • After booking, the over-the-air feature is transferred to the vehicle via mobile internet and automatically made available during the subscription term – without affecting the current route guidance.
  • Invoicing shall take place on a monthly basis over the booked term.

Prerequisites for the use

  • The Over-the-Air feature is available for MAN vans (MAN eTGE excluded) in EU states plus Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom from model year 2021 with an installed and activated on-board telematics module (MAN Telematics Box) and expired initial activation.
  • Another requirement for the upgrade includes an installed Infotainment system (MAN Media Van Business Navigation).
  • Before booking, MAN Now checks whether your vehicle meets these and, if applicable, any other requirements for the upgrade.

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