Booking of MAN OnlineNews is free of charge.

MAN OnlineNews

The latest news and weather

MAN OnlineNews displays an overview of current news in the Infotainment system. Up to ten favourite news channels – including MAN Trucker’s World – can be selected individually.

The driver also always has an eye on the weather: Current weather data of the current position, the destination or other selected locations is clearly displayed in the Infotainment system. In addition, the weather forecast for the next seven days or the precipitation radar can be called up.

MAN Now Feature Efficient Route

Always keeps the driver up to date on the news situation

Allows selection of favourite news channels

Provides detailed weather data for selected locations


Easy installation and payment

  • After booking, the over-the-air feature is transferred to the vehicle via mobile internet and automatically made available during the subscription term – without affecting the current route guidance.
  • Booking and renewals of MAN OnlineNews are free of charge.

Prerequisites for the use

  • The Over-the-Air feature is available for MAN vans (MAN eTGE excluded) in EU states plus Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom from model year 2021 with an installed and activated on-board telematics module (MAN Telematics Box) and expired initial activation.
  • Another requirement for the upgrade includes an installed Infotainment system (MAN Media Van Business Navigation or MAN Media Van Business).
  • Before booking, MAN Now checks whether your vehicle meets these and, if applicable, any other requirements for the upgrade.

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