One card for everything

The RIO/DKV Card is the entrance ticket to the largest supply network in the transportation industry. You can use the RIO/DKV Card at more than 100,000 acceptance points in 42 countries to pay for almost all vehicle-related services in Europe and take advantage of numerous benefits such as special rates on repairs at MAN and SCANIA workshops. With our truck fuel card, you have everything you need in a single card, meaning your drivers can head out on tour without a worry in the world.

For the 14th time in a row, the DKV Card has been voted the fuel card of the year for commercial goods and bus transport. A highly advantageous fuel card has been available from DKV for more than 80 years now. Benefit from our experience by getting our fuel card for your trucks!


No unnecessary costs

Get the RIO/DKV Card with absolutely no joining fee or annual subscription.

International network

Benefit from our network of 11,000 service partners offering repair, tyre, recovery, towing and rental services, and much more.

Widely accepted

The RIO/DKV Card is accepted at 100,000 petrol stations in 42 countries.

For extensive, hassle-free use

Generally speaking, a debit card is used to make payments without cash. This truck fuel card, however, is not like any other. The RIO/DKV Card is intended for more than just cash-free payments: with the RIO/DKV Card, you can make toll payments efficiently and conveniently in addition to making cash-free payments for fuel. For financial security, the credit limit and the daily limit can be regulated in the DKV COCKPIT at the push of a button. If the card happens to go missing, don’t fret: the card is protected by a PIN and other effective security mechanisms. With this fuel card, you literally have less to lose and more to gain. Leave the unnecessary and time-consuming hassle of cash payments behind.

Cost breakdown

Still doing your accounting manually and filing invoices in folders? With the RIO/DKV Card, you can also digitise your invoices and accounting automatically. Even if the card is used extensively, you will receive an efficient and transparent breakdown of all costs incurred in the DKV statement. With the DKV billing service, all services used are clearly itemised in each DKV invoice. This means that the costs can be attributed to each vehicle easily and conveniently. Not only does this mean you will have fewer tasks to deal with, it also means that the accounting will be flawless.

Other additional services for you
  • 0% service fee for repairs at MAN and SCANIA manufacturer workshops
  • 24/7 breakdown service via the DKV ASSIST freecall number
  • Convenient VAT refund
  • Petrol station finder and truck route planner with DKV MAPS
  • Transaction control using the DKV eREPORTING analysis tool
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MAN Driver App

Breakdown? Always an unwelcome break. So, whenever quick support is needed, the MAN DriverApp is there to help. For example with the emergency breakdown call. Or with a damage report. It networks driver, fleet manager and workshop and shows the way to the nearest MAN dealership. But our MAN DriverApp supports MAN drivers not only in an emergency. Moreover, it offers – in line with the vehicle and its current use – a wide range of additional functions to ease the driver’s daily routine.

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Telematics boxes

Easy digitalisation of your vehicle fleet: The telematics boxes enable effective fleet management and efficient vehicle deployment for your entire fleet.

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