MAN DataPackage S

Your entry into data-supported fleet management

With MAN DataPackage S, you can integrate vehicle data from your MAN fleet into your own IT systems or third-party solutions. Data are transmitted from the vehicle to the RIO Cloud and processed via a suitable telematics box.

MAN DataPackage S is designed for efficiency and timeliness and provides standardised data points from the areas of cabin & comfort, driving behaviour & handling, engine & drive and safety & environment.

The data package contains relevant information for electric vehicles.

You receive the processed data via an API interface in the standard JSON format (pull procedure).

Availability and scope of MAN DataPackage S depend on the vehicle model and vehicle configuration.
MAN DataPackage S Desktop right

Simple data provision

You receive the data via an API interface, also in third-party systems

Up-to-date vehicle information

You receive the latest available data points from the vehicle with every access.

Increased economic efficiency

Comprehensive transparency about the status of your vehicles enables you to manage your fleet efficiently.



Telematics box

On-board telematics module installed and activated in the vehicle.


State-of-the-art end device

With an Internet connection and a new operating system.


Internet browser

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

MAN Driver App

Breakdown? Always an unwelcome break. So, whenever quick support is needed, the MAN DriverApp is there to help. For example with the emergency breakdown call. Or with a damage report. It networks driver, fleet manager and workshop and shows the way to the nearest MAN dealership. But our MAN DriverApp supports MAN drivers not only in an emergency. Moreover, it offers – in line with the vehicle and its current use – a wide range of additional functions to ease the driver’s daily routine.

To the MAN Driver App

Telematics boxes

Easy digitalisation of your vehicle fleet: The telematics boxes enable effective fleet management and efficient vehicle deployment for your entire fleet.

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