MAN TipMatic Efficiency Plus

Driving program: Particularly economical driving

The MAN TipMatic Efficiency Plus driving program ensures particularly high economy thanks to an intelligent gearshift strategy. Manual upshifting and downshifting and accelerated downshifting via the kickdown function are deactivated. In addition, the MAN EfficientCruise GPS cruise control is permanently activated if this function is installed in the vehicle. The cruise control is limited to a maximum of 85 km/h (53 mph) in the Efficiency Plus driving program.

The driver can easily and conveniently switch between the installed driving programs using the right-hand stalk switch. The selected driving program is displayed in the combined instrument.

≥ 2022

Increases driving comfort and ensures a particularly economical driving style

Reduces service costs through less vehicle wear and tear

Exploits efficiency potential of the topography when combined with MAN EfficientCruise


MAN TipMatic Efficiency Plus driving program achieves increased fuel efficiency when combined with our MAN EfficientCruise GPS cruise control: Thanks to GPS support, the driving program knows, for example, the end of an incline and can anticipate upshifts to reduce fuel consumption.


Easy installation and payment

  • After booking, the over-the-air feature is transferred to the vehicle via mobile internet and made permanently available via a guided installation process.
  • Settlement takes place via a one-off payment.

Prerequisites for use

  • The over-the-air feature is available for MAN trucks in EU27+3 from model year 2022 with an installed and activated on-board telematics module (...).
  • An additional requirement for the upgrade is, among other things, the MAN TipMatic semi-automatic manual gearbox.
  • Before booking, MAN Now checks whether your vehicle meets these and, if applicable, any other requirements for the feature.

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