Timed is now also available for your own system

Would you like to use our services but prefer to use your own user interface? With our new Timed Data Flow service, you can integrate data collected by RIO into a system of your choice.

With the cheaper and scaled-back version of the familiar Timed service, you can forward and integrate your drivers’ current and remaining driving and rest times alongside other activities. You only pay for what you ultimately really need and use – your data.

Timed Data Flow is Timed’s API/interface product

Reduction of systems

Collected data can now be integrated into systems of your choice.

Current data transmission

Your drivers’ current and remaining driving times and rest times will now be passed on to your own system.

Fair payment

You only pay for what you ultimately really need and use – in other words, your data.


Integrate Timed data into your primary system

The data collected by RIO can be integrated into other manufacturers’ telematics systems, fleet management systems, transportation management systems, and also companies’ in-house IT systems as required. As such, Timed Data Flow now gives you the option of accessing all data – in a standardised form and in the system of your choice.

You don’t require your data to be forwarded to third-party  systems but still wish to use the full service? If so, please take a look at our Timed service.

Overview of services

 Timed Data FlowTimed
Link to third-party system with subscription to this service
Current transmission of driver’s activities
Storage of driver’s activities for 90 days, and driving times for up to 14 days
Generation of driver’s driving times on a daily, weekly, and fortnightly basis
Display of driving times in the RIO Pocket Fleet app
Use of the RIO user interface

How does it work?

A standardised application programming interface (API) is used to link the RIO data to the system of your choice. There are three different options that enable you to integrate this interface: 

  1. You can integrate the interface yourself. More information
  2. You can request links to partner systems already connected in the Marketplace.
  3. If a certain partner link you require is still missing, please contact our partner management personnel.

Geo Data Flow

You can use Geo Data Flow to easily integrate vehicle data such as location or mileage – which are collected by RIO –into a system of your choice.

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MAN Driver App

The MAN Driver App ensures that drivers, fleet managers and workshops can stay connected When using the app, truck drivers always have the essentials at their fingertips: breakdown assistance, assistance with pre-departure checks, driving time manager, navigator and more.

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Telematics hardware for fleet management.
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