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Charging management with MAN eManager S

MAN eManager S is available to help you plan your MAN Lion’s City E deployment as efficiently as possible. Using the application, you can easily control battery charging and air conditioning of your vehicle or your entire electric bus fleet.

The timer mode lets you decide when your vehicle should be fully charged – MAN eManager S takes care of the rest.

At any time, the application provides you with a real-time overview of the charging progress, the possible range with the current battery status and the estimated time when full charge will be reached. You can also set automatic air conditioning of the passenger area. Depending on the ambient temperature, the interior temperature is optimally adjusted to minimise energy consumption at the start of the journey.

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High vehicle uptime

Thanks to intelligent planning and digital control of the charging process, your electric bus fleet is always ready when you need it.

Increased range thanks to thermal preconditioning

Thermal preconditioning of the vehicle optimises the range since less energy is required for heating or cooling the e-bus, especially at the beginning of the journey.

Operation independent of location

Simple remote operation via the application on the RIO platform enables you to control individual vehicles and provides you with an overview of your entire electric bus fleet – conveniently from your office or on the road.


Efficient charging configuration

With the MAN eManager S, you control the charging management of your electric bus fleet simply and conveniently via the RIO platform. Choose between prompt charging and timed charging.

With prompt charging, the MAN Lion’s City E will start to charge as soon as it is connected to the charging post. The RIO platform gives you a constant overview of the battery status, the associated range and the remaining time until the battery is fully charged. See at one glimpse when your vehicle is ready for use again.

With timed charging, it is possible to create several timers – depending on vehicle and departure time. If the electric vehicle is connected to a charging post, the charging process will be started automatically at the optimal time, ensuring that the electric bus is ready for operation at the scheduled departure time. This allows planning vehicle deployment as efficiently as possible.

In case of an error during the charging process, the application on the RIO platform will indicate, so you can fix the issue and ensure smooth operation.

Preconditioning for a higher range

Thanks to the digital service, you can precondition the passenger area of your electric buses overnight with one mouse click. Before leaving the depot at the scheduled departure time, the interior of the MAN Lion’s City E can be precooled or preheated, depending on the ambient temperature. You can control the temperature as soon as the charging process has started. During operation, less energy is required for heating or cooling, thus optimising the range of the MAN electric bus. Preconditioning can optionally be set for both prompt and timed charging.


Comparison of MAN eManager S and M

MAN eManager SMAN eManager M
Battery charge level in %
Estimated remaining range in km
Charge status HV battery per vehicle
e.g. unplugged, connected, charging
Display of remaining charging time
Display of readiness after charging process completion
Display of charging configuration saved and accepted by the vehicle
Setting the charging configuration of the HV battery per vehicle
prompt charging or timer charging
Setting the air conditioning mode
preconditioning of the passenger area
Battery ageing
e.g. current SOH (State of Health)
Display of evaluation diagrams for one or more vehicles
consumption values, recuperation values, distance driven in km
Battery history for charging and discharging processes
e.g. duration of the charging/discharging process, amount of energy consumed/discharged in kWh
Consumption history for charging and discharging processes
e.g. energy used (consumption) for drive, auxiliary consumers and air conditioning in kWh
Extended battery information
e.g. battery capacity in kWh



Telematics box

On-board telematics module installed and activated in the vehicle.


State-of-the-art end device

With an Internet connection and a new operating system.


Internet browser

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

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MAN Driver App

Breakdown? Always an unwelcome break. So, whenever quick support is needed, the MAN DriverApp is there to help. For example with the emergency breakdown call. Or with a damage report. It networks driver, fleet manager and workshop and shows the way to the nearest MAN dealership. But our MAN DriverApp supports MAN drivers not only in an emergency. Moreover, it offers – in line with the vehicle and its current use – a wide range of additional functions to ease the driver’s daily routine.

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Telematics boxes

Easy digitalisation of your vehicle fleet: The telematics boxes enable effective fleet management and efficient vehicle deployment for your entire fleet.

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