MAN ServiceCare M

Your individual maintenance and repair management

With MAN ServiceCare M you benefit – in addition to the services of MAN ServiceCare S – from further functions: Extensive information on the condition of individual vehicle components enables you to manage maintenance and repairs even more individually.

MAN ServiceCare M gives you a detailed overview of the maintenance status of your entire fleet at all times. If necessary, your MAN service outlet will take over the maintenance of your vehicle.

In addition, you can add desired components yourself and, depending on the vehicle model, you can receive information on brake linings, fill levels and tyre pressure.

We are constantly refining MAN ServiceCare: with preventive functions that support the operational readiness of your vehicles even more simply and comprehensively.

Availability and scope of MAN ServiceCare M depend on the vehicle model.

Increased vehicle uptime

With MAN ServiceCare M you are extensively informed about the up-to-date maintenance status of your fleet at any time. You can optimise the maintenance status of your fleet and reduce vehicle breakdowns.

High flexibility in vehicle maintenance

You decide which components to be maintained you want to take care of yourself and for which you want to use the services of your MAN service outlet.

Transparency across the entire fleet

MAN ServiceCare M provides you with a detailed overview of relevant components to be maintained for your entire vehicle fleet. Individual vehicle components can be created and monitored as well.

With MAN ServiceCare M you have an overview of the vehicle maintenance status at all times

For each MAN or NEOPLAN vehicle in your fleet, you have access to comprehensive information on the individual components to be maintained and, depending on the vehicle model, information on brake linings, fill levels and tyre pressure. You define which components you take care of yourself and for which components you would like to be contacted by your MAN service outlet when a maintenance is due. This allows enhanced flexibility in maintaining your fleet.

If you require the monitoring of other, vehicle-specific components, these can simply be added.

  • Current status of the components to be maintained
  • Mileage interval until the next maintenance service
  • Display of the fill levels of engine oil, AdBlue fluid, fuel and wiper water
  • Condition of the brake linings
  • Status of tyre pressure using the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPM)
  • List of damage reports that can be transmitted via the pre-departure check in the MAN Driver App

Maintenance management for vehicles of other manufacturers

MAN ServiceCare M also supports you in the maintenance management of vehicles from other manufacturers. The Fleet Management System (FMS) provides information on the maintenance status of certain components, such as AdBlue fluid and fuel fill levels or the mileage interval to the next service, as defined in advance. This data can also be transmitted directly to the MAN service outlet if you wish to have the maintenance work carried out there.




Telematics box

On-board telematics module installed and activated in the vehicle.


State-of-the-art end device

With an Internet connection and a new operating system.


Internet browser

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

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Test our digital services three months free of charge – for every vehicle in your fleet*. The free trial period is available to all MAN customers who have not yet booked any of our chargeable services. It ends automatically.

* depending on the type of vehicle and as far as the services are technically available

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MAN Driver App

Breakdown? Always an unwelcome break. So, whenever quick support is needed, the MAN DriverApp is there to help. For example with the emergency breakdown call. Or with a damage report. It networks driver, fleet manager and workshop and shows the way to the nearest MAN dealership. But our MAN DriverApp supports MAN drivers not only in an emergency. Moreover, it offers – in line with the vehicle and its current use – a wide range of additional functions to ease the driver’s daily routine.

To the MAN Driver App

Telematics boxes

Easy digitalisation of your vehicle fleet: The telematics boxes enable effective fleet management and efficient vehicle deployment for your entire fleet.

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