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All of the activities are entered into the logbooks by your drivers. Unfortunately, this means that you have no control over the activities or your drivers’ current driving times and rest times from behind your desk. Not only is that detrimental to deployment planning, it can also result in expensive driving time violations. But why does it have to be so complicated? Timed enables you to view all of the activities digitally and with minute-by-minute precision. Based on the driver card data, the driving times, rest periods, breaks, on-call times and working hours are displayed and stored in a clearly arranged table. Both the driving times for individual days and those for a week and fortnight are taken into account. Our Timed service will enable you to plan tours and orders in a more efficient manner.

Optimised deployment planning

You can tailor order and tour planning efficiently thanks to minute-by-minute transmission of driver activity.

Everything at a glance

The driver’s activities are transmitted automatically by the RIO Box and archived on the platform for 90 days.

Avoid costly driving time violations

Residual driving times and break periods are clearly displayed. This enables you to avoid costly driving time violations.


Transmission & storage of driver activity

It is difficult to have a clear overview of all current driver activity to hand, especially for materials requirement planners with a large vehicle fleet. With our service Timed, you will have all of the most relevant data at a glance. All of the activities concerning your drivers’ driving times, rest periods, breaks, on-call times and working hours are transmitted in real time by the RIO Box and stored in the background on the RIO platform for 90 days. The data is updated on a minute-by-minute basis so you are always kept up to date. In this way, you can access the data conveniently from your desk and plan your journeys efficiently and effortlessly. Lower your actual transport costs and reduce the amount of manual effort!

Driving times displayed on a daily, weekly or biweekly basis

In the context of the statutory driving and rest times specified for drivers, both the times for individual days and those for a week and fortnight must be taken into account. This is intended to prevent accidents caused by fatigue and excessive labour. Thanks to the data storage function, Timed provides the option of viewing both the driving times for a specific day and those of the previous weeks for the purposes of facilitating efficient and legally sound deployment planning. In this way, you can avoid costly violations of the driving time regulations. More importantly, however, Timed guarantees the safety of your drivers and all road users. Simply open the RIO platform and start planning.


A clear breakdown of your data

All activities at a glance! Your drivers’ activities are displayed automatically in a single overview either on the fleet monitor or using compliant. This allows you to view your drivers’ current driving time and their remaining driving time. You can also use the filter function to filter the information by activities, time windows and vehicles. All of the activities are separated by colour to provide greater clarity. You can decide whether the activities in question should be displayed in the form of a table or diagram. This practical breakdown of all activities provides for scheduling and planning reliability, supporting successful and efficient fleet management.




You need a RIO Box installed in the vehicle.


State-of-the-art end device

With an Internet connection and a new operating system.


Internet browser

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

You will also need a tachograph from Continental VDO or Stoneridge that can be downloaded remotely.

MAN Driver App

The MAN Driver App ensures that drivers, fleet managers and workshops can stay connected When using the app, truck drivers always have the essentials at their fingertips: breakdown assistance, assistance with pre-departure checks, driving time manager, navigator and more.

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