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Your fleet consists of vehicles from different manufacturers? You want to have not only the data of your trucks, but also of your trailers, vans or other vehicles bundled in one place? Then RIO is the right choice for you! Because RIO puts all your vehicles on just one map.


Your entire fleet in one system

That's not possible? Well, it is possible! With RIO.

We import your entire fleet without additional hardware!

Mixed fleets consisting of vehicles of different brands are a constant challenge for transport companies. The representation in different systems is not only confusing and inefficient, but also time-consuming and annoying. This is now a thing of the past!

With RIO, you bring all the assets of your fleet into just one telematics software - the RIO platform - with just a few clicks. The manufacturer of a truck, trailer or van no longer plays a role. This way, you have your entire fleet bundled at a glance and avoid unnecessary extra work.

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In addition to these manufacturers, which you can bring to the RIO platform yourself with just a few clicks, trucks from the manufacturers Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Volvo Trucks as well as trailers from your accounts with Kögel Telematics can be brought onto the RIO map.

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