Integrating TMS into the RIO world

RIO 4TMS closes the information gap between route planning in the office and the transport business on the road. Connect your own or a partner's transport management system through clever interfaces.


When the driver is on the road communication with him is getting difficult. Especially when it comes to order-related information and the large number of people involved. Just one call is not enough. In any case, it would take too much time. For efficient vehicle planning, the current position, the planned route and many other parameters must be available at a glance. That's why there is RIO 4TMS.


Integrate your in-house transport management system into the RIO Platform and benefit from a coherent ecosystem. Or choose a customized TMS package consisting of InfPro's TMS translogica for dispatching and PTV's Truck Navigator as part of the driver's app for route optimization.

Clever interfaces give you the choice.

What RIO 4TMS can do

Features & Functions

  • Connecting planning systems (TMS) and exchanging tour and driver information
  • Integration individually adaptable to each company
  • An onboarding document describes the interfaces
  • Tour-Information and related documents or forms can be exchanged between TMS translogica & driver
  • Status information in real time for the dispatcher (e.g. current position, mileage, remaining driving times)
  • Intuitive and comfortable driver app including PTV "Truck Navigator" - even when he is offline

Included for you

Your Benefits

  • Freedom to choose the planning system to be integrated
  • Improved flow of information between back office and drivers
  • The driver has access to all the information he needs
  • No more faults in tour planning
  • Increased system compatibility through networking

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