Why RIO?

Because every day the world turns a little faster and is ever more networked, the transport industry needs to react accordingly. RIO is much more than a logistics solution. We seized an opportunity to help shape this new world and to profit from it. With its open cloud-based platform, RIO covers the needs of a global supply chain. Considering all the players of the supply chain from the consigner to the end customer, we bundle digital solutions with complete transport and logistic ecosystems solutions. At the end of the day, we make everything much more transparent and efficient. That’s us. That’s RIO.

The Platform

A Platform for the entire logistics industry. Really today?

RIO is the answer

to questions that no-one’s asked yet. RIO is an open, manufacturer-independent, cloud-based platform that will bring the global transport and logistics ecosystem a big step forward. Admittedly, that’s a large claim – but we believe it. And even more important: we’re working on it. Every day. 

Watch this video to hear what our customers say about RIO.

RIO is independent.

RIO is the first transparent platform for freight transport that works independently of vehicle manufacturers and telematics systems. With it, RIO bundles digital services for the entire transport and logistics ecosystem and all its participants. 

RIO makes data really smart.

RIO combines information about tractor units, trailers, superstructures, drivers and orders with data about traffic, weather and navigation. The result: valuable recommendations for action in real time. And, of course, all configurable.    

RIO accompanies us in a new age.

RIO lives and breathes a vision of an intermodal, fully networked and sustainable supply chain and, with its platform, provides a holistic approach to it. Because RIO offers all the benefits of digitalization for large companies as well as small businesses in the logistics industry. With RIO, you’re in at the start and can profit directly. 

RIO comes from a good home.

RIO is developed by the TRATON GROUP and is built on long-term partnerships with industry experience. 

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RIO actually makes the world a little better.

These are also big words. However, when, through the digitalization of the global transport and logistic ecosystem, we make a significant contribution to improving profitability and, at the same time, actively protect the environment, we think that big words are in order. With RIO, we’re ideally equipped for the digital age of intelligent transport systems.

RIO lets us sleep easily.

You can get going immediately. RIO comes with a comprehensive starter package, RIO Essentials, that combines the key functions and is provided to all RIO users free of charge. A range of smart applications are available to use straight away, including operational analysis, and the Fleet Monitor. The benefits? Reduced complexity, improved efficiency, lower costs, and less worry. With all that we make RIO customers more effective, and fit for the future.

RIO brings a lot to everyone.

RIO isn’t tied to any one vehicle make or telematics system. So as a mixed fleet customer you now have a single platform to monitor all your vehicles, and access exactly the digital services you really need.

RIO brings together what belongs together.

From the consigner to the recipient, all the stakeholders in the supply chain are interconnected by a unified information and application system. RIO thus brings all the stakeholders in the global transport and logistics ecosystem together under one roof - and takes them a big leap forward.

RIO is open.

Because our future is open – and connected. And no one company can develop all the services for a global transport and logistics ecosystem alone. So RIO is open to cooperation with all kinds of partners. Only by assimilating the expertise and the wide diversity of services being offered in the Marketplace and capable of being integrated into the platform will RIO be able to achieve its goals: interconnecting the vehicles, and then interconnecting the entire logistics value chain.

RIO keeps everything secure.

Open and connected is one side, data protection is the other. The data does of course belong to the customers, and they decide for themselves what they want to share. Also: What happens in RIO, stays in RIO.

Retrofit RIO.

From 2018 RIO will be available for all makes of trucks. The RIO Box is connected to the MAN CAN Bus or the FMS 2.0 interface, and links to the RIO Platform. It means RIO services can also be provided to mixed fleets. With complete ease.

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Frequently asked questions about RIO.

RIO has its origin in the Spanish and Portuguese language and stands for the ideal status of the entire supply chain which is flow. If everything moves - is in its flow - everything is fine. No flow means costs.

RIO's vision is to make the complete transport and logistics ecosystem more transparent – across all manufacturers, and open to all. The centralising platform creates the foundations for a wide range of new business and service models.

RIO is of interest to anyone in the logistics industry. As the range of services increases, its relevance for each individual participant will steadily rise.

RIO is compatible with multiple makes. RIO offers transport and logistics companies the facility to manage their complete truck and trailer fleets on one platform.
RIO is flexible. RIO offers services which can be ordered and cancelled again as and when required, without barriers and with no long-term investment decision-making.
RIO is open and cooperative. RIO provides a platform combining all existing solutions.
RIO offers more than just data management. RIO processes data and makes it available to all the stakeholders in the logistics chain as a means of providing recommendations for action.

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