Frequently asked questions about RIO.

General questions about RIO.

RIO is the Spanish and Portuguese word for "river", and reflects the ideal state in logistics: as long as everything is moving, flowing like a river, you might say, then everything is fine.

RIO is compatible with multiple makes. RIO offers transport and logistics companies the facility to manage their complete truck and trailer fleets on one platform.
RIO is flexible. RIO offers services which can be ordered and cancelled again as and when required, without barriers and with no long-term investment decision-making.
RIO is open and cooperative. RIO provides a platform combining all existing solutions.
RIO offers more than just data management. RIO processes data and makes it available to all the stakeholders in the logistics chain as a means of providing recommendations for action.

RIO's vision is to make the complete transport and logistics ecosystem more transparent – across all manufacturers, and open to all. The centralising platform creates the foundations for a wide range of new business and service models.  

RIO is of interest to anyone in the logistics industry. As the range of services increases, its relevance for each individual participant will steadily rise.  

Data protection is one of RIO's top priorities. RIO checks very carefully what data is being used and processed. Nothing is done without our customers' consent.

Unfortunately not. RIO can only use the data that customers have actually authorised when providing support.

No, they will not have to do that. All they will need to do is remove the sold vehicle from their virtual fleet on the RIO platform. RIO will then automatically cancel the services.

Yes, there is. Friendly service agents will be on hand to take your calls, Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m under 00 800 / 22 55 07 46 (international number).

Questions about requirements.

It is a cloud-based platform. All that is needed is a web browser.

RIO is available in the EU (+ Norway and Switzerland). Andorra, Liechtenstein and San Marino are also covered by RIO.

All new MAN trucks are factory-fitted with RIO as standard. We offer an optional retrofit solution for all other trucks and brands, provided they have an FMS interface.

Yes, the RIO Box can also be fitted in vehicles conforming to the Euro 3 to Euro 5 emissions standards. The technical requirements for that should be discussed with MAN truck sales staff however.

With the platform launch, the following browsers are supported: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

RIO always develops on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies. Thus, the best performance can always be expected on modern and up-to-date browsers. It is recommended to always keep your browser up to date. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most used by our customers.

The RIO platform has been extensively tested on both PCs and MACs. The customer thus has the free choice.

Questions about the RIO Hardware.

Yes, MAN Truck & Bus AG has decided to fit it as standard in all Euro 6 trucks.

Yes, there will be a retrofit option both for older MAN trucks and for any other brands.

The RIO Box retrofit is offered through the MAN service centre network.

The RIO Box is sold as a MAN spare part, and as such is subject to the established warranty and goodwill arrangement.

One of the core functions is "over the air" updating. Updates are downloaded to the RIO Box and installed without customers or service workshops having to do anything at all. This ensures that customers benefit from the latest software versions at all times.

RIO is founded on the "Bring your own device" principle. The idea behind this is to ensure maximum compatibility of all RIO products - including the RIO Box. The RIO Box already at present features Bluetooth and WLAN interfaces. Services utilising those interfaces are already being planned.

Integration of a MAN truck with a TBM1 is not possible.

It indicates the current status of the Box.

Questions about the Marketplace.

A full listing of all services is provided on the RIO Marketplace, which is accessible to all registered customers.

It is scheduled to launch in January 2018.

It will be very easy, and takes just a few moments.

An ordered service can be used via the menu. Customers will not have to worry about installing small software packages on the RIO Box. Everything will be done fully automatically.

The RIO Marketplace is designed to be transparent. It provides a clear overview of all ordered services, as well as a wide selection of payment options.

Not much. Any service can be cancelled on a month-by-month basis. So the era of long contract terms is at an end.

Any questions still open?