Simple telematics retrofitting

Retrofit vehicles from any manufacturer with the RIO Box.


Free telematics services

The RIO Box is ready for use as soon as it has been installed. This means you can start using the basic services straight away – it won’t cost a thing. Additional services are easy to order, without the commitment of a contract term, via the Marketplace.


RIO works in all trucks

The RIO Box is not brand-specific and can be retrofitted in trucks of any brand. The only precondition for this is that the vehicle has an FMS interface activated by the manufacturer.


Straightforward installation

Installation is quick and simple and can be carried out at one of the many MAN service outlets. To make things even easier, we are offering a country-wide fixed price of EUR 599.

RIO offers services for any brand of truck

MAN, Volvo, Scania, etc.

Vehicle tracking for all

Where are your vehicles and what is the potential cause of the delay? RIO will tell you straight away – for every Volvo, Mercedes, Scania, MAN, etc. in your fleet. You don’t have to be an IT expert to use our fleet monitor. Just give it a try. There are no notice or contract periods.


Keep track of driving and rest periods

When was the last time you declined an order because you assumed none of your drivers were available? Or even worse, you accepted the order and then had problems finding an available driver? With RIO this will never happen again. Because we can reliably tell you the exact activity status for each driver, minute by minute. Irrespective of the brand of your trucks.


Tachograph management: it’s quite simple

We want to make downloading tachograph and driver card data as easy as possible for you. As soon as you have retrofitted the RIO Box in a vehicle, RIO does this task for you – completely automatically. RIO Compliant works in an Iveco in exactly the same way as in a Mercedes, MAN or Scania.


Do you still have questions about retrofitting your trucks?

RIO has put together a team whose sole function is the installation of the RIO Box in trucks of any manufacturer – the RIO After Sales team. Please just get in touch. They will be happy to answer any of your questions and tell you everything you need to know.

Controlling mobile end devices

Modern mobile devices are incredibly smart. However, for work you usually need just a few functions, which means the huge plethora of other functions can quickly become a distraction and cost time unnecessarily. The magic word here is: Mobile Device Management.

Once installed on a smartphone or tablet, you decide which functions the user can or can’t access.

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