MAN TimeInfo

Driving time display

MAN TimeInfo makes it easier to check driving time and breaks – at any time, reliably and quickly. Tachograph information is shown in the combined instrument display under “driving data”. It includes a menu item for “daily driving time” with information on continuous driving time, daily driving time and daily shift time. Another menu item is the “weekly driving time” for the current calendar week and double week.

Supports the driver with clear information on driving and shift times

Facilitates compliance with legal requirements on driving and rest times (driving time display)

Services in comparison

MAN TimeInfo
Driving time display
MAN TimeControl
Driving time monitor
Continuous driving time
Daily driving time
Weekly driving time
Double weekly driving time
Shift time
Weekly shift time
Working time
Current standby time
Current standby time (week)
Break time
Rest time
Weekly rest period

Easy installation and payment

  • After booking, the over-the-air feature is transmitted to the vehicle via mobile internet and made permanently available via a guided installation process.
  • Settlement takes place via a one-off payment.

Prerequisites for the use

  • The over-the-air feature is available for MAN trucks in EU27+3 from model year 2022 with an installed and activated on-board telematics module (...).
  • Another requirement for the upgrade includes an installed digital tachograph.
  • MAN Now checks whether your vehicle meets these and any other requirements for the feature before booking.

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