As a freight forwarder in the Volkswagen Group’s logistics network, you make a valuable contribution to keeping production up and running at the plants each and every day.

For optimal planning of production processes, the plants are reliant on a wide range of transparency information from freight forwarders and suppliers.

What does the Volkswagen Group expect of you?

What does the Volkswagen Group expect of you?

If you are a forwarder, there are some requirements that are set out in detail in your agreements with the receiving plants.

  • Acknowledging receipt of transportation notifications
  • Sending transport status messages
    • Assigning the supplier’s digital consignment note to the transportation
    • Transmitting the number plate of the transporting truck
    • Transmitting the booked time window ID (truck control)
    • Transmitting the geolocations during transportation
    • Transmitting a digital proof of delivery
How can you meet these requirements?

How can you meet these requirements?

There are various ways for you to transmit the required information to your plants (EDI, WebTMS).
You can either connect your systems (TMS, ERP) to the Group’s plants directly via EDI, thus exchanging the underlying standardised messages of types VDA4933, VDA4987 and VDA4945 with the plants, or you can use the free, straightforward alternative provided by the Volkswagen Group: WebTMS!

Why WebTMS

  • WebTMS is a web-based application on the RIO platform and works independently of your TMS or ERP system
  • WebTMS automatically detects which of your trucks is currently serving which Volkswagen Group route
  • WebTMS allows for fully automatic assignment of digital consignment notes and transmission of geolocations. This means there is no effort on your part!
  • WebTMS is easy to use and can be cancelled from one day to the next. There are no additional obligations.
Already using Discovery?

Already using Discovery?

Our aim is to ensure improved transparency along the entire supply chain with status information and geolocations that benefit all stakeholders!

With this in mind, the plants will approach you to ask you to switch from Discovery to WebTMS or a direct EDI connection.

If you currently use Discovery via oneKBP, you can continue to do so for the time being.

How does WebTMS detect the locations of your trucks?

How does WebTMS detect the locations of your trucks?

In order to transmit the required location data to the Volkswagen Group, you will need to register your trucks once in RIO and then link them to a telematics device. The RIO platform is, of course, free to use!

What telematics integration options are there?

You can integrate the location data of your trucks into the RIO platform in several ways:

  • Your trucks are either already equipped with a RIO box , or you can retrofit it, thus benefiting from additional RIO telematics services.
  • You can integrate your trucks from Dynafleet or Scania FleetManagement Services using our Mixed Fleet Bridge connector.
  • You can use the telematics system of fleet.tech by LOSTnFOUND and fleet.tech.connect.
  • You can use our RIO 4Drivers app for Android smartphones free of charge as a “virtual” RIO box.
  • The telematics system you use is not supported? Get in touch with us.
  • Other RIO telematics services.
Registering for our WebTMS

Registering for our WebTMS

The WebTMS registration process comprises multiple steps:

  1. You can register free of charge on the RIO platform.
  2. You set your trucks up in fleet management and then link them to your telematics devices. If you intend to use WebTMS for downloading your volume forecast only, this step can be skipped.
  3. You can book WebTMS free of charge on the RIO Marketplace.
  4. You can provide us with your supplier number(s) and your DUNS number using our contact form. We will then set up the connection to the plant for you and contact you when the WebTMS setup has been successfully completed.
What are the next steps?

What are the next steps?

Do you have any further questions?

Do you have any further questions? We would be happy to answer your questions personally - feel free to use our contact form to do so.

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