Outbound Order Book

The Outbound Order Book is an advanced digital platform that enables shippers to make their order data for transport and/or vehicle logistics services available to their service providers. Using the telematics data of your service providers in our cloud, we also determine status reports for your supply chain – in an automated and uncomplicated manner.


Digitalise information exchange

WITHOUT Outbound Order Book
  • Manual and error-prone communication via e-mail, telephone and Excel spreadsheets
  • Lack of transparency about the status of transport operations and services
  • No tracking of transport operations
  • Partner-specific interface solutions
  • Many parallel systems
WITH Outbound Order Book
  • Standardised communication via front end or interface
  • Use of message standards tailored to vehicle logistics
  • Automatic status messages of transport operations based on position data
  • Everything on a single platform

Web front end

  • Developed for and with carrier
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive web design for all devices

Real-time interface

  • New finished vehicle messages from 2020 – published by VDA, ECG and Odette
  • REST technology enables real-time communication and validation of message content
  • REST API with XML format

The Outbound Order Book at a glance

Transport order management
  • Transmit transport orders digitally to your freight forwarders/carriers/logistics service providers.
  • Gain planning reliability by receiving order confirmations, as well as changes regarding pick-up time or the means of transport from your freight forwarders.
Service order management
  • Transmit service orders digitally to your service and warehousing providers.
  • Receive order confirmations as well as updates and notifications on the status of a service from your service and warehousing providers and thus gain more planning reliability.
Front end for managing orders
  • We offer your transport and service providers an up-to-date front end for managing orders and providing feedback on status messages.
  • There is also real-time validation of the information entered according to your requirements.
Interfaces for transmitting orders
  • Based on the latest technologies and the finished vehicle logistics standards developed by Odette, VDA and ECG, we offer automated data exchange via an interface.
  • Individual interfaces or the implementation of special message formats are possible.
Manual consignment tracking

Know the consignment status at all times – have your freight forwarders report back to you the essential status messages in the transport process

  • Means of transport arrived at pick-up point/destination
  • Consignment collected/en route/unloaded
Automated consignment tracking
  • With our real-time tracking, we determine the position of your consignment several times an hour, regardless of which system your freight forwarder is working with.
  • We automatically calculate the status of a consignment based on geofence events – and can thus see whether your consignment has really been picked up and delivered – without any additional effort for your freight forwarders.

RIO is for everyone

In order to be able to apply our holistic approach and to ensure smooth processes between all links in the supply chain, we also offer a solution for suppliers and carriers.

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