Carrier Hub

The reliable transport of goods and products is an essential part of logistics. Our Carrier Hub enables you to gain transparency across the entire transport process in cooperation with your freight forwarders – from the transmission of transport orders to order confirmation, multiple transport statuses and arrival at the plant.


Transport orders – digital and transparent

Simply transmit transport orders digitally to your freight forwarders with RIO’s Carrier Hub. They are informed directly by e-mail about new transport orders – transparently and quickly.

Supported transport concepts
  • Full and empty containers
  • Direct shipments/direct transports/full truck loads (FTL)
  • Regional freight forwarding/less than a truck loads (LTL)
  • Consolidation/cross-dock processes, milk runs, delivery runs (collective and distribution transports)
  • Emergency processes/special trips
Supported interfaces
  • RIO WebSCM
  • REST API for freight forwarders
  • UN/EDIFACT (EDI) interface – type DESADV, VDA4933 (T1-T4)

Keep track of your supply chain at all times!

Efficient supply chain management requires a detailed look at all steps of the supply chain.


Order confirmations
Continuously receive order confirmations from your freight forwarders and thus gain more planning reliability from the outset.

Pick-up information
Receive information about the pick-up time slot and planned means of transport (truck number plate) for a smooth process at the pick-up location and a punctual arrival of the transport goods.

Supply control information
Receive time slot booking information from their supply control solution as part of the order confirmations.

Load split information
Receive information about a possible load split at an early stage if your forwarder plans to carry out the transport operation with several means of transport.

Your benefits at a glance

RIO is for everyone

RIO does not just offer solutions for carriers. In order to be able to apply our holistic approach and to ensure smooth processes between all links in the supply chain, we also offer a solution for suppliers – the Supplier Hub – and for outbound processes – the Outbound Order Book – in the same way as the Carrier Hub.

RIO is for YOU!

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