Supplier Hub

For optimal planning of production processes, the plants are reliant on a wide range of transparency information from freight forwarders and suppliers. Our Supplier Hub with integrated webEDI provides precisely that and supports you in designing efficient and transparent ordering and delivery processes with your suppliers.


Make ordering and delivery processes efficient and transparent

Digitalise your processes with RIO and see benefits not only for yourself but also for your suppliers and enjoy many advantages and high data quality. Just a few highlights of RIO’s Supplier Hub are its uncomplicated delivery quantity adjustment, digital shipment documents and automatic document and label creation in accordance with the German VDA automotive standard.


Orders and delivery schedules

Transmit delivery schedules to your suppliers via EDI. Delivery quantities and dates are displayed clearly and can be searched, providing the supplier with all the information at a glance.

Supported interfaces:
UN/EDIFACT (EDI) interfaces – DELFOR (VDA4984) and DESADV (VDA4987)

Shipping suggestions

Your suppliersautomatically receive shipping suggestions based on the required arrival date – meaning that what belongs together can be shipped together with just a few clicks.


Your benefits at a glance

RIO is for everyone

RIO does not just offer solutions for suppliers. In order to be able to apply our holistic approach and to ensure smooth processes between all links in the supply chain, we also offer a solution for carriers – the Carrier Hub – and for outbound processes – the Outbound Order Book – in the same way as the Supplier Hub.

RIO is for YOU!

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